Benefits of Coconut oil for hair and skinCoconut oil has oodles of benefits for hair, skin and body. It has surprising health benefits that would help us to be fit, glowing and beautiful. The most of the women prefer coconut oil for hair as it has the richest proteins that helps in hair growth. It would help us in the following ways

For hair:

It is always said that oil should be applied to the hair daily but nowadays it is not possible to sit and apply oil daily. It is better to use it effectively. The best way to apply coconut oil for hair is by heating up the oil. It must be applied onto the scalp gently and massaged for a while. This strengthens the hair and enriches the growth of new hair follicles. Also It is preferable to use dry shampoos before applying oil to the hair. Especially the split ends are caused due to lack of protein and less moisture content. To avoid it coconut oil can be applied to the root tips every night before going to bed and it should be covered with a cloth or a cover. Also apply oil to the root tips after washing your hair. This will make the hair look softer and without split ends.

For skin and body:

Apply coconut oil on your skin before taking a bath and leave it for 5 minutes and take a bath. It gives your skin a glowing look and tanning of skin due to over exposure to sun will be repaired by this. Coconut oil can be used instead of moisturizers because they penetrates into the skin easily than creams or lotions and makes your skin moisturized naturally.

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